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The difference between a successful agency and a wildly successful agency means thinking about things differently. Doing things differently. This PIA video series is designed to help you do that. Our goal: spark new ideas, innovative approaches, and thought-provoking conversations with independent agents at the hub.  We’re talking about people, technology, clients, strategy, and more — designed to help you create your future.

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01 / /  Reading your clients' minds.

Did you ever wish you could know what your clients were thinking? Well with sentiment analysis – you can. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, combined with sentiment analysis, can be plugged into your agency management system. It looks at all your client communications, merges it with external information and gives you a full picture of what your clients are thinking and doing. Chris Paradiso of CT-based Paradiso Insurance is growing his business significantly, and part of that is due to how he uses technology to look at his customers and prospects.    

02 / /  Sales miracles, one step at a time.

Do you believe in belief? If you've ever watched Ted Lasso, this saying is familiar to you. Even if you feel the deck is stacked against you, you can do it...if you think you can. Many of these same principles apply to what Jason Kilgo has been doing at VA-based KilGO Insurance. Things like the importance of coaching. The value of team. The role that confidence plays.  And the fact that while talent is, consistency, and making the numbers are better.  

03 / /  You are the brand.

On social media, there are fashion influencers. There are makeup tutorials. There are storytellers, dance videos, recipes, and news stories. And there’s Daniel Seong, Founder of California-based Great Park Insurance. Daniel’s out there on social media talking about life, food, personal finances, insurance, and more. Daniel started his agency and has built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.   And he built everything on social media from scratch — just like his agency.  

04 / /  It’s about the data!   Insurance is all about information. It’s how coverage is determined, priced, sold and serviced. And the independent agent sits at the center. Agents not only have data, they’re at the receiving end of even more data, from carriers, from clients, from third parties and vendors. Frank Sentner understands this very well. He works with a lot of tech firms, he’s a board member, an advisor, and he’s been involved in the exchange of data for many years. Many agents are waking up to the value — and importance — of their data. But there’s more they can be doing.    

05 / /  The gift that keeps on giving.   There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. While many agencies rely on producers to drive new business, Lisa Hamm of New Jersey based Clyde Paul Agency is taking a different approach – connecting with partners such as accountants, real estate agents, and financial advisors to send her leads. Lisa discusses how she develops these long-term relationships to bring new clients to her agency.

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